FuelPHP CRUD – Orm find all where with or & and criteria

FuelPHP orm find all criteria with WHERE OR & AND is easy to achieve is we understand the concept behind and built the correct array.
The documentation stated as below without multiple criteria such as ‘WHERE (status = “single” OR status = “married”) AND name = “superman” ‘

// find all articles from category 1 or category 2
$entry = Model_Article::find('all', array(
    'where' => array(
        array('category_id', 1),
        'or' => array(
            array('category_id', 2),

My success example is as below:

$scope[] = array('status', 'single');
$scope['or'] = array('status', 'married');
$scope_and = array('name', '=', 'superman');
$data['user'] = \Model_User::find('all', array(
			'where' => array($scope, $scope_and), 
			'order_by' => array('created_at' => 'desc')

By Keenlio, March 12, 2014

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