Laravel Lumen API Validation in Service Class

If you need a validation outside of controller such as service container or service class, below example code may help.

Copy traits ProvidesConvenienceMethods from laravel/lumen-framework/src/Routing to your folder as convenient. Eg, App\Services folder.

namespace App\Services\product;

use App\Models\Products\Product;

use App\Services\ProvidesConvenienceMethods;

class ProductCreateService
    use ProvidesConvenienceMethods;

    public function store($request)
        // validate request data
        $product_data = $this->validator($request->all(), [
            'name' => 'required|string|min:1|max:255',
            'sku' => 'required|string|min:1|max:120',
            'qty_available' => 'numeric|required|min:1',

            // validate each array element if array items
            'items.*.sku' => 'required|string|min:1|max:120',
            'items.*.qty_required' => 'numeric|required|min:1',
            'items.*.item_price' => 'required|regex:/^\d+(\.\d{1,2})?$/'

According to the documentation: “By default, Lumen’s base controller class uses a ProvidesConvenienceMethods trait which provides a convenient method to validate incoming HTTP request with a variety of powerful validation rules.”


Hope this helped someone out there.

By Keenlio, February 18, 2021

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