FUELPHP Form Checkbox checked

July 1, 2014

FuelPHP checkbox is not a nightmare if understand it’s parameters correctly. The syntax is checkbox($field, $value = null, $checked = null, $attributes = array()) To built form checkbox, simply do like below: Will output a checked checkbox: To uncheck the checkbox, changed the ‘checked’ value to empty ” or null

fuelphp HMVC pass in some data

March 7, 2014

At first I have some problem with fuel HMVC Request behaviour. Problem is with passing data to HMVC controller method. Fuelphp documentation has mention about pass in some data, however, did not mentioned about pass in big array: http://fuelphp.com/docs/general/hmvc.html I found that it is pretty easy if you has a big array to pass to […]

JSON value not showing in HTML by PHP

December 16, 2013

There are few possibility why JSON data not being displayed properly. To debug your data, use If print_r shows empty or nothing, use Output: string ‘{"en":"Home","fr":"Office","cn":"bar"}’ (length=1 Possibility 1) – json data being encoded to html code. Some CMS will encoded the json data output. To solve this html entity issue, decode the data like […]